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Love Support~An Audio Soaking Session

Love Support

Mark 11:24 says that if we believe that we have already received, then it will be done.

Faith must be active and we have to engage our faith with child-like trust for our desire to enter into our reality. Children are the best at imagining and feeling something to be so completely real. A child can get so lost in his imagination that nothing else exists at that moment in time.

Like children of pure hearts, it is important that we enter the sensation of "feeling" like it has or will occur so that the confident faith of knowing it is done emerges from the inside out.

God will show up to meet us at our place of expectations, so it is worth all of the gold in the world to make our expectations good!

I created this faith soaking activation as a way for me to apply and concentrate my faith. I needed a way to clear out all of the distractions and let myself “get lost” into the spirit with Jesus.

Miracles happen through supernatural support, by pressing our faith against those negative conditions that surround our circumstances.

The pressures that we go through are the perfect place for our faith to become tangible. It is like an eagle in the sky, using the winds of the storm to be lifted higher to the place of peace and joy-filled blessings.

The negative conditions in our life can be a blessing if we use them to propel ourselves high with optimistic faith. Things will happen faster because we can press against those negative things and resist the bad outcomes with the positivity of faith-filled thoughts.

Our imagination is one of the most powerful ways to engage our faith and draw miracles into fruition. Jesus sees and knows when you are trusting Him by faith and He will surely reward your willingness to come to Him like a child and believe for the unbelievable.

This activation of faith is sure to stir up miracles with continued use and an open heart to believe and imagine the very best outcome! My prayer is that as you enter this soaking session, that you are fully saturated with the loving presence of Jesus.

May those things that you hope for come quickly to the surface!

Love, Dannette Ward

Duration is about 12 minutes long.

Background music by Deep Instrumental. Licensed under creative commons attribution 3.0 (reuse allowed). Love Support with Dannette Lynn, Diamonds from the Dust, LLC. © 2021. All rights reserved.

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