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Soaking in Promise

Soaking in Promise - An Audio Experience

In this audio soaking, I have hand-selected a handful of very precious love letters to perfectly fit this audio blessing. Soaking your ear gates in these letters of promise is like an inner refreshing of faith, hope, and love, as the Lord’s love splashes over the deepest rooms of the soul.

Length is nearly 60 minutes.

11 Tracks:

Intro, Restore, I have a plan, Lowly to lovely, I will lift you up, Rest in the Good Shepherd, The return of happiness, Promises all in a row, Dashing through the night, Sheltered, Blooming in the open places.

Background music by Royalty Free Music. Licensed under creative commons attribution (reuse allowed).

Soaking in Promise with Dannette Garza, Diamonds from the Dust, LLC. © 2018. All rights reserved.

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